Oh yes. It is quite possible - especially when you start working at a company that does not have any internet connection, with the exception of your work e-mail.

For the first two weeks of my work life, I had internet connection at work. Which meant I could surf all I wanted, as long as I got the tasks (which were just training exercises at the time) done.

Now that I’ve worked a full (work) week at my newly assigned project, I have no internet connection. Hurray!

These are the things I normally do when I have internet connection:

  • Check e-mail
  • Check Facebook
  • Check Twitter (for travel blog networking)
  • Update travel blog
  • Comment on other travel blogs
  • Read daily posts from The Write Practice and other writing related sites
  • Check on friends’ blogs
  • Plurk,¬†occasionally
  • … and a bit more.

Now, all I do is check my Gmail on our iPad and check some status replies on Twitter.