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Yes! You heard that right, on print - with real paper, real ink, and it will be a real book!

This month’s theme is Love. Not much of a surprise there but it can be any kind of love.

I’ll be working on a piece, maybe two. Deadline’s on Friday, February 10.

So get writing!

A challenging prompt by Lillie McFerrin called Five Sentence Fiction was shared to me by @jblearnstowrite.

This week’s word is clandestine.

The shopping street was bustling with tourists, locals and temporary stalls that were lined up side to side for the annual Valentine’s Day fair. A little girl picked up a small wind-up doll and ran to her mother, who was too busy haggling for clothes to notice her daughter. The girl watched in amazement as she wound up the doll and it started to walk in a straight line. When the doll stopped moving, Greg saw a bright light followed by a low but loud sound. “Happy Valentine’s,” he said as he started to walk away from the rooftop giving him a view of the whole city.

There’s my take on the word, clandestine. Tell me what you guys think. :)

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and I’ve recently decided to write a short story about Valentine’s. I used this idea for the first tutorial lesson by The Write Practice. If you love to write, you should really check them out!

Denice walks into the school gym, wearing her midnight blue glitter dress. She scans the room, looking for Riley and his date. She wasn’t able to tell him that she was coming to the dance anymore because he was still mad at her and also because her mother had forced her to attend.

She walked past the refreshments table and saw Riley in the middle of the dance floor. He was dancing and smiling with Pauline, his Physics lab partner. Denice wanted to approach them and ask if she could talk to Riley for a bit but something stopped her.

He’s really happy with her, she thought. He doesn’t need a friend like me.

She turned her back against the dance floor. Suddenly, she was holding back tears. I don’t want anyone to see me like this. Denice ran out of the school gym and made her way to the small garden behind the school grounds. The flowers in the garden had bloomed and somehow, it made her smile.

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Waiting for someone,
Who can make me smile
Looking for someone,
Who can comfort me
Someone came and tried
Yet I ignored them
Now I am alone,
Waiting for something
That is already gone.

Wrote this last August 2010. Found it while going through my Fictionpress account. It’s full of weird stuff! I remembered why I wrote this, but my current feelings aren’t the same anymore.

It’s no longer gone.

I published this story on FictionPress back in January 2010.

Now, I’m battling NaNoWriMo so I can’t really continue this story just yet.

That’s a lame excuse. Actually, I just really don’t know what will go next in this “possible” novel of mine. It’s really a spur-of-the-moment kind of writing.

What do you think? I hope you guys will tell me your opinion on this. :)